Phillies Father's Day Hat SGAs

The Phillies have more times than not, celebrated Father's Day with a spectacular, corporate-sponsored hat giveaway.  Over the years, these offerings have ranged from odd ("Safari Hat") to down-right ugly (name your corduroy hat here).  With the day upon us once again, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some interesting designs from yesteryear...

Richie Ashburn "Jeff" Hat #2 (1985)

Richie Ashburn "Jeff" Hat - 1985 SGA

If you ever doubted Richie Ashburn's popularity, all you need to know is that his trademark "Jeff" hat was used as a Father's Day promotion twice - 1981 and 1985.  The 1985 version (shown here) is maroon, while the 1981 version used the "cherry red" color of the day.  I wonder if they ever considered "Ashburn Pipe Day"...

1950s Logo (2012)

Phillies 2012 Father's Day SGA hat

A common problem with these Father's Day giveaways is that there are very few places you will actually feel comfortable wearing one of them.  I went to this game last year, and have found that this hat is good for things like mowing the grass or going to the shore.  Try it next time!

Bucket Hat (1977)

Phillies 1977 Father's Day Hat SGA

Through the years there have been many Phillies bucket hat giveaways - but, this one from 1977 may be the first.  Cherry red with a bold white stripe and the classic script team logo - any father would be proud to wear it.  In all seriousness though, it probably wasn't too bad for its day...