Phillies TTM: Week of 6/10/13

Two new TTM successes to report...

Larry Bowa -

Larry Bowa signed photo

This picture was from the same stash of Dick Perez pen and ink drawings that produced the Simmons and Christenson successes two weeks ago.  It was originally used in the Phillies 1976 Yearbook.  As someone noted after my last Bowa success: If you don't have a Larry Bowa autograph in your collection, you're not trying...

Ed Roebuck -

Ed Roebuck signed photo

Despite his near 100% success rate on SCN, I have not had much success with Roebuck via TTM.  In the past I have lost two different items.  And, after nearly two months out, I had pretty much written this one off, too.  Really happy to get it back...slowly closing in on this set.