Dom Brown Drops Autograph Appearance

It's official: Dom Brown is "big-time" now.

The longtime Phillies prospect, turned potential All-Star has decided his time is more valuable now than it was a few months ago when he signed an agreement to appear at Carl's Cards in Havertown on July 16th.  

Some may point out that Brown has a legitimate shot at making the National League team, and as such would be unavailable for the date.  I would agree, though after reading the statement on Carl's page (, it seems like finding an alternative date at the same price was not in Brown's best interests and was thus denied by the outfielder.

While I was not planning to attend the signing, I am disappointed to see the cancellation...and, worst of all, the reason for cancellation.  

In this season of underachievement, Brown has been one of the few bright spots on the Phillies.  And, after years of his own underachievement, Dom has grown into a solid player this summer and is building a little fan support as of late.  Today's events may not erode that good-will but it won't help either...

The official statement from Carl's Cards on the cancellation: 

"Due to extreme unforeseen circumstances surrounding Domonic Brown’s father, our autograph signing with Domonic Brown has been canceled. Here, at Carl’s Cards we have done everything we possibly could to make this work. Unfortunately, because of his father’s lack of cooperation we could not get him to change his mind. We have a signed contract in hand, but he has chosen to no longer honor it based on Dom’s recent All Star performance. We are just as disappointed to make this announcement as you are. We were really looking forward to this signing. If you have already purchased tickets, please notify us if you would like a refund or if you would like to exchange your ticket for an upcoming autograph signing. Please direct any and all questions/concerns to or Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but this is completely and unfortunately out of our hands. We at Carl’s Cards hate these sorts of situations."