Phillies TTM: Week of 6/24/13

With no new requests going out for two weeks, the successes have been a little slow here over the past week or so.  Luckily, a couple outstanding requests came back to tide me over until the next batch of new requests start rolling back in...

Justin Friend

Justin Friend signed photo

Friend has been enjoying a pretty good first half of 2013 between Reading and Lehigh Valley.  I never got around to buying his Heritage Minor League card, so instead printed off this photo of him pitching for Reading.  I have generally not focused on collecting minor league autographs in the past, but it's been fun sending a few out this Summer.

c/o The IronPigs
Coca-Cola Park
1050 IronPigs Way
Allentown, PA 18109

Dave Cash

Dave Cash signed photo

This was the last of the those 1976 Phillies Yearbook drawings by Dick Perez that I printed and sent a few weeks ago.  I still have a Garry Maddox that I am going to keep for the BBQ during Alumni Weekend.

16308 Birkdale Dr. 
Odessa FL 33556