(Former) Phillies Manager (Still) Signing Tomorrow!

2009 World Series Lithograph Project

Who said that a lost Phillies season meant no news on the memorabilia front?  The team threw me a curveball this afternoon when they announced Manager Charlie Manuel would be replaced by Ryne Sandberg, effective immediately.  The developments had me scrambling to write a "Charlie's Signing Is Cancelled" post - just in case.

Thankfully, I was able to push the delete button on that downer.  Because, late this afternoon I received confirmation from Eric Poppel that tomorrow's scheduled appearance by the winningest Manager in Phillies history IS STILL ON! With that news out of the way, here is my original post on the appearance:

Saturday morning Phillies manager, Charlie Manuel will be signing autographs at Granite Run Mall.  During his nine seasons as manager, Manuel has not a lot of appearances outside of team obligations, though since the 2008 World Series he has been in high demand (ask anyone who is missing him on their 2008 or 2009 World Series team project).

I was lucky to catch him at a car dealership during the summer of 2010, getting him to sign both of my World Series balls.  While I was a little annoyed at how slow the line was moving when I was at the end, I appreciated the time he spent talking with me, and more importantly engaging my son.  Since that time, I have started getting autographs on a 2009 World Series print - chasing Charlie all the way.  Looking forward to filling a big gap on the project...

If you go...

Where: Granite Run Mall (1067 W. Baltimore Pike  Media, PA19063)
When: 11-12:30 P.M.
Get Tickets: Poppel Autographs

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