Recent TTM Successes

I've been keeping active with the TTM requests recently.  Despite the fact that February is a prime time for mailing requests to Phillies Spring Training camp I have more or less decided to forgo the opportunity this year.  It's not that I've "grown out" the experience, but am not excited about many of the potential targets.  Instead, I am keeping focus on a few different older-era, team projects.

1960 Eagles Program Cover

1960 Eagles - Championship Program Autograph

A long dormant effort that I'd like to spend more time on this year, the photo is of the 1960 Championship Game program cover.  I started the project with Chuck Bednarik a few years ago.  This most recent success came from a key member of the 1960 team, running-back Billy Ray Barnes. 

What I love most about collecting teams I missed is getting to learn more about the season and the players who were involved.  I have seen Barnes autographed photos over the years, but never knew he was the first ACC player to rush for 1,000 yards (as an All-American with Wake Forest in 1956), or that he was a three-time Pro Bowl selection for the Eagles (1957-59).

Phillies Wall of Fame

Phillies Wall of Fame photo

I got this new favorite project out to Larry Bowa right before pitchers and catchers reported to Clearwater early last month.  I recommend Bowa to anyone who is new to TTM.  He is as guaranteed as it gets - both at home and the stadium.  The photo is now out to Hall of Famer, Jim Bunning...

Eagles TTM: Who's Signing

While I've historically talked a lot about the Phillies TTM signing habits, but there are plenty of opportunities for Eagles fans to get involved in TTM, too.  Here are some recent successes...

Herm Edwards


The former Eagles cornerback turned NFL coach and commentator is just about as solid a bet as you can make TTM.  I had a picture of him running with the ball from the "Miracle at the Meadowlands" signed a few years back.  I recommend printing one of  several still frames on Google image searches, if you're interested...

If you write: 1627 Highland Street  Seaside, CA 93955

Chad Lewis


I've always been a fan of TE play, and especially loved Lewis in his heyday during the early 2000s.  He would make a great addition to any 2004 team project you are currently working on...

If you write: 9688 Charleston Drive  Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Jeff Feagles

It has been a long time since Feagles wore Kelly green, but he was a member of the team during my formative years - the early 1990s, and has always seemed like an Eagle to me.

If you write: 219 Sunset Avenue  Ridgewood, NJ 07450