Manny Trillo Visits Carl's Cards

The only controversy connected with former Phillies second baseman, Manny Trillo is his inclusion as one of the five traded for Von Hayes in 1982.  During his tenure in Philly, Trillo was awarded an NLCS MVP (1980), three gold gloves (1979, 1981, 1982) two Silver Slugger Awards (1980, 1981) and appeared in two All-Star Games (1981, 1982) and one World Championship (winning in 1980).  That would be enough for most careers – but, for the former-Phillie, it was just a small part of a 16-year career that spanned 1973-1989.

Mr. Trillo was back in the Delaware Valley last weekend, checking in at Carl’s Cards and Collectibles in Havertown.  It has been a few years since he was here.  In fact, it’s been so long that in the time since I last met him I have started and almost completed two full 1980 team projects – a team photo and the Reunion poster.  And from the sounds of it, I must not have been the only one looking for him.   “So many people have asked for him that we knew we needed to make it happen,” Lauren Henderson of Carl’s Cards told me. 

For those who have not had the pleasure, Trillo is a welcoming autograph guest – posing for pictures, starting conversations and shaking hands.  A small shop with an old-time feel, Carl’s Cards provides the perfect setting for such interactions.  With autograph guests wedged in opposite the main showcase and surrounded by team-specific memorabilia – signings are an intimate affair.  And, unlike the convention hall signings, customer-guest interactions are encouraged.  It was nice to stop and chat for a minute.

Not knowing when I would catch him next, I brought three different 1980 projects for Mr. Trillo to sign: the 1980 Reunion poster, and team picture and a new project started during last summer’s Alumni Weekend.  The team photo has been a labor of love, with all but one other autograph coming via TTM (including Steve Carlton).  I am now down to four living players.  I’ve made similar progress on the Reunion poster – needing a different combination of four players.  Since I have never mailed the Reunion poster, it has been much more expensive to assemble. 

Phillies TTM: Longest Wait Ever

I received a surprise earlier this week when a TTM success from Manny Trillo showed up in my mailbox.  Sent July 26, 2010, the request was assumed a lost cause long ago, and forgotten. - it is now my "longest wait ever"...

I sent the request c/o The White Sox while Trillo was still working for the team.  The return was postmarked from Orlando, but I have not heard what (if any) team he is currently affiliated with.  In between sending the card and today, I had a chance to meet Trillo at a Poppel show.  I told him I had been waiting a long time to meet him, and that he should come back more often.  He answered, "I've been around.  You just need to know where to look!"