Preview: VSM Sports Card Outlet, Vintage Card and Memorabilia Auction

VSM Sports Card Outlet's monthly Vintage Sports Card and Memorabilia auction closes this weekend (Saturday, January 18th).  As we have come to expect from their previous events, up for bid are some rarely seen vintage cards and a wide selection of collectibles from Philadelphia area teams (and beyond).  Here are a few lots I am keeping my eyes on:

Phillies 100th Year Anniversary Bat

1983 Phillies Centennial bat

1983 Phillies Centennial bat

With a limited production run - and now 30 years old - these bats are not easy to come by.  It features the Phillies' "Centennial logo" and gold, facsimile autographs  of the greatest names (prior to, and including 1983) in team history.

Bidding stands today at $5 Link

UPDATE: Final bid: $35 - Great value for this bat.  You would expect to pay $75-100 at a large show or auction...

1960 Phillies, Jay Publishing Photo Card Set

1960 Phillies, Jay Publishing Photo Cards

1960 Phillies, Jay Publishing Photo Cards

Jay Publishing produced these 5"x7" photo cards during the 1950s-1960s - and the Phillies team sets feature some great names.  This set includes some Whiz Kid holdovers: Richie Ashburn, Robin Roberts and Curt Simmons, as well as Manager Eddie Sawyer.  It is difficult to find a complete set of these cards, and even harder to find them in "like new" condition with the original envelope.

Bidding stands today at $10 Link

UPDATE: Final bid: $20 - Another good price for a set in this condition.  You could easily estimate $2-3 per card (and a few dollars higher for Ashburn and Roberts) on ebay.

2001 Phillies Team Signed Ball


Here is a good "starter ball" for the 2001 Phillies.  It is not complete - but, does contain several key signatures: Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell and Manager Larry Bowa.  If you can get it for a decent price, it could be a ball used at future autograph signings, etc.

Bidding stands today at $20

UPDATE: Final bid: $30 - Nice way to start a 2001 team ball.  No way you could build this ball with guys like Rollins, Burrell and Abreu for only $30.  

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If you go:

January 18, 2014 - 10 AM

Locust Grove Mennonite School
2160 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA

VSM Sports Card Outlet - Vintage Card and Memorabilia Auction

"New Kid on the Block", VSM Sports Card Outlet in Lancaster will be hosting a live auction at their store on Saturday, November 23rd.  The event is VSM's second auction, and is currently open to internet bidders.  

I spent a little time browsing the listings last night, and was impressed with both the variety of products offered, and the current bid prices.  With several days leading up to the floor bidding, prices are sure to increase - but, there are opportunities to add to your collection without busting the bank.  Here are a few Philadelphia-sports themed items that are available:

Lot# 29: Richie Ashburn, 1952 Bowman

1952 Bowman, Richie Ashburn

1952 Bowman, Richie Ashburn

I am not a big collector of vintage cards, but any baseball fan has to appreciate the design of the 1952 Bowman set.  With a current bid (as of 11/21) of $5, this beauty is very reasonable for either the beginning vintage collector, or someone like me who is looking to upgrade a card in their current collection.  Link to the auction lot.

Lot# 55: 1970s-era Phillies Bobble Head

1970s-era bobble head   

1970s-era bobble head


Here is a bobble head that I have in my personal collection. Mine was purchased on ebay - for a lot more than the current bid of $5.  I like this bobble head because of that 1970s campiness.  While my collection is all over the place, I have seriously considered turning my focus purely over to memorabilia from this era.  Link to the auction lot.

Lot# 356: Bobby Clarke Autographed Hockey Stick

Sticking with the "vintage" theme, this lot features a Bobby Clarke signed, full size hockey stick.  While I've personally had to stay away from collecting sticks (lack of space), I have seen some huge collections of them before.  If I was going to add a signed one, it would definitely be a Clarke.  Link to the auction lot.

Bobby Clarke signed stick

Bobby Clarke signed stick


If you go:

Location:  Locust Grove Mennonite School - 2257 Old Philadelphia Pk, Rt 340, Lancaster, PA 17602

Time: 10AM