Through the Mail Update

Mack Burk

I have been sending around this picture of Connie Mack Stadium to guys who played for the Phillies during the 1950s for a few years now.  I started with the living "Whiz Kids" and continued from there.  The success with Burk (1956-58) makes signature number 17 from "the 1950s-era" on the piece.  There are still a few more guys I want to mail to - but, this one is almost ready for the wall...

Herm Starrette 

Hearing news that this former Phillies pitching coach was signing again (for a $5 donation) encouraged me to pick up the 1980 team photo project again.  Starrette was one of the few missing pieces.  Unfortunately, he has been ill - but, from the hand-written note he included in the reply, it seemed like he appreciated the letter.