March Philly Show

Another Philly Show has come and gone...  I went on Sunday, the third and final day of the convention.  Based on my previous experiences it is usually a good time to go - smaller crowds and dealers will to bend (a little) on prices.  With a lack of marquee names in the autograph lineup, the floor was especially empty.  I didn't get around to all the tables, but hit some of my usual spots with the time I had.  Here is a summary of new items added to my collection:

My Goodies:

  • I found a couple posters at one of my favorite Philly Show spots... The All-Time Greats, Schmidt/Carlton SGA has been around for awhile, but wasn't in my collection.  Also, I liked this 2001 Spring Training/Clearwater schedule poster featuring Pat Burrell.  I don't have any room to hang either - but, they're both good for future autograph opportunities.
  • 1985 Official Pete Rose Baseball Card Set.  Interesting odd-ball set providing a chronological retrospective of Rose's career - through his record breaking 1985 season. Of course, the Phillies cards are of particular interest, but cool photos throughout the 120-card set.
  • 1993 NL Championship Pennant.  Having to cut my Alumni Weekend short last season, I missed out on collecting one of these in-person.  Glad to fill that void...


  • Glenn Wilson.  Wilson was a free signer with paid admission on Sunday.  Though young, I clearly remember him playing with the Phillies during the mid-1980s.  He was a solid player, and even represented the team at the 1985 All-Star Game.  It was cool to meet him, and have him start my "1980s-era Phillies" project (which I hope to fill out via TTM).  
  • Lenny Dykstra.  Although he has been around a lot recently, I hadn't previously had him sign my 1993 World Series program cover.  Obviously, a must have for the project.  His table was crowded by a gaggle of well-wishers which included a fur-clad Howard Eskin.