Philly Show Banking on Wentz

Carson Wentz's starring NFL debut for the Eagles couldn't have come at a better time for Hunt's Auctions, manager of the upcoming Philadelphia Sports Card and Memorabilia Show.  The big season-opening win came just two days after Hunt's announced they would host the rookie's first public autograph signing during their three-day event later this month (September 23-25).  

"The Philly Show" is a legendary event in east coast sports collecting - attracting hundreds of vendors and buyers alike.  In the past they have hosted Hall of Famers and Philadelphia sports legends.  But, prior to the Friday's headliner announcement, the September show's signing lineup lacked a marquee name.  Wentz fits the bill...

The signing is not, however, without potential pitfalls.  Instead of a juicy time slot on Saturday when the largest crowds are present, the QB is slated to sign from 6:00 - 7:30 on what is typically a slower, less-attended Friday night.  Also, there may be some sticker shock as prices for a signature range from $79 for flats and minis to $155 for lithographs.  Of course, Hunt's is hoping the interest among fans will make these minor issues.

I won't be able to make it out to King of Prussia for the signing on Friday, but do have interest in seeing whether or not Carson Wentz's on-field success translates into Philly Show gold...


March Philly Show

Another Philly Show has come and gone...  I went on Sunday, the third and final day of the convention.  Based on my previous experiences it is usually a good time to go - smaller crowds and dealers will to bend (a little) on prices.  With a lack of marquee names in the autograph lineup, the floor was especially empty.  I didn't get around to all the tables, but hit some of my usual spots with the time I had.  Here is a summary of new items added to my collection:

My Goodies:

  • I found a couple posters at one of my favorite Philly Show spots... The All-Time Greats, Schmidt/Carlton SGA has been around for awhile, but wasn't in my collection.  Also, I liked this 2001 Spring Training/Clearwater schedule poster featuring Pat Burrell.  I don't have any room to hang either - but, they're both good for future autograph opportunities.
  • 1985 Official Pete Rose Baseball Card Set.  Interesting odd-ball set providing a chronological retrospective of Rose's career - through his record breaking 1985 season. Of course, the Phillies cards are of particular interest, but cool photos throughout the 120-card set.
  • 1993 NL Championship Pennant.  Having to cut my Alumni Weekend short last season, I missed out on collecting one of these in-person.  Glad to fill that void...


  • Glenn Wilson.  Wilson was a free signer with paid admission on Sunday.  Though young, I clearly remember him playing with the Phillies during the mid-1980s.  He was a solid player, and even represented the team at the 1985 All-Star Game.  It was cool to meet him, and have him start my "1980s-era Phillies" project (which I hope to fill out via TTM).  
  • Lenny Dykstra.  Although he has been around a lot recently, I hadn't previously had him sign my 1993 World Series program cover.  Obviously, a must have for the project.  His table was crowded by a gaggle of well-wishers which included a fur-clad Howard Eskin.

Autograph Appearance Cancellations and Postponements

Over the past week there have been a few instances of scheduled, area autograph appearances being either cancelled or postponed.  In case you hadn't taken note earlier, here is a quick rundown of those changes:

Brad Lidge

About a month ago, the 2008 Phillies closer was announced as the featured signer at the annual Ephrata Lions Club Sports Card Show.  The press release promised some great prices - $20 and $25 for autographs.  Guess they were too good to be true.  An update on the Lions Club homepage states Lidge will no longer be appearing.  Replacement signer is TBD.

Link to the Ephrata Lions Club Sports Card Show listing

Brandon Boykin/Mychal Kendricks

The duo, previously scheduled for an in-store appearance at Sports Vault in King of Prussia Mall, has been moved over to the December Philly Show a little more than a week later.  Probably a good move, considering the built in crowd that will be in attendance at the show.

Link to the Philly Show lineup

Claude Giroux

Unlike the past few years, we have not seen much of Giroux this season (yet).  It looks like we'll be waiting a little longer, as The Captain's appearance at The Court at King of Prussia Mall has been pushed back to January.  Rumors he is buying time to hope for an improved record have not been substantiated.  

Link to the Giroux listing