Tips for CBP Saturdays

Another weekend, home series brings another "CBP Saturday."  The promotion honoring the stadium's first 10 years of existence has already brought notable alumnus such as Roy Oswalt, Pedro Feliz and Aaron Rowand back to town this season.  This weekend's guest will be reliever Scott Eyre - an important part of the 2008 and 2009 bullpens.

For the first couple Saturdays I wondered if the guests were signing - finally finding the right person to help supply the answer.   Thankfully he was right on the mark, helping to secure a few autographs from Oswalt.  Keeping with the spirit of this page, I am passing on the knowledge:

  • Guest names are usually made available on Wednesday or Thursday before the game.  You can either call the Phillies, or check my Facebook page to find out who to prep for.
  • Tickets are limited and handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis, so plan to get to the stadium early.
  • Ticket distribution is managed by the Phunster's (or, is it Phansters?).  They are typically by the gates (1st and 3rd base gates for Oswalt).  Just ask them for one.
  • Signings occur at the Authentics stand.  Get in line at least 15 minutes before the scheduled signing time.  

Hope this helps score a few new autographs!

Many thanks to super-collector, Mark Benedetto for the help guiding me to success on my first CBP Saturday!

Steve Carlton VF Outlet Information


December 7th, 2013... A day that will live in infamy!

Ok, maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but tomorrow does promise to be a big day for Philadelphia sports collectors.  Between the Phillies annual Holiday Sale and the December Philly Show, the annual VF Outlets Pro Team Tent Sale, which will kick into high gear tomorrow, has managed to stay out of the headlines.  And, with a FREE autograph appearance by Steve Carlton, it's an event worth noting.  

Here is what you need to know...


Reading VF Outlet Center - 801 Hill Ave, Reading, PA 19610


December 7, 2013, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The line for Lefty will begin at 9 AM, VF Outlet Store, Level 2-Blue Building.


Phillies Hall of Famer, Steve Carlton will be signing free autographs at the Tent Sale.  While Carlton will not sign "outside" items, quality 8x10" photos will be available for free - or, shoppers can purchase a #32, Carlton t-shirt to benefit his charity, "Steve Carlton's Adaptive Sports Association."  

Also, if you are looking for holiday gifts, the tents are packed with officially licensed merchandise - at good prices.  As an incentive to make a purchase, shoppers who spend $25 or more will receive a FREE LeSean McCoy 8 x 10 photo.  One per person. While supplies last. 

Check out the VF Outlet Event Page for more details.

Autograph Appearance Cancellations and Postponements

Over the past week there have been a few instances of scheduled, area autograph appearances being either cancelled or postponed.  In case you hadn't taken note earlier, here is a quick rundown of those changes:

Brad Lidge

About a month ago, the 2008 Phillies closer was announced as the featured signer at the annual Ephrata Lions Club Sports Card Show.  The press release promised some great prices - $20 and $25 for autographs.  Guess they were too good to be true.  An update on the Lions Club homepage states Lidge will no longer be appearing.  Replacement signer is TBD.

Link to the Ephrata Lions Club Sports Card Show listing

Brandon Boykin/Mychal Kendricks

The duo, previously scheduled for an in-store appearance at Sports Vault in King of Prussia Mall, has been moved over to the December Philly Show a little more than a week later.  Probably a good move, considering the built in crowd that will be in attendance at the show.

Link to the Philly Show lineup

Claude Giroux

Unlike the past few years, we have not seen much of Giroux this season (yet).  It looks like we'll be waiting a little longer, as The Captain's appearance at The Court at King of Prussia Mall has been pushed back to January.  Rumors he is buying time to hope for an improved record have not been substantiated.  

Link to the Giroux listing