Memories from Millwood's No-Hitter

On April 27, 2003, Kevin Millwood pitched his way into Phillies history with a no-hitter at Veterans Stadium.  As Sunday Game Plan ticket holders, I was there with my dad to see it all unfold.  We have been to dozens of games together over the years, and experienced some pretty cool things - but, this game was one of the best.

A lot of people hunted down the enterprising program vendors who took stacks of booklets to sell on the main concourse.  The program that day had Jim Thome on the cover - and unfortunately, it was generic and not even specific to the Phillies series against the Giants.  Because of this, "no-hitter programs" are really not available.  Instead Phillies collectors tend to scoop up game tickets or autographs on a no-hitter celebration photo (like I did).