'Tis Better To Have Bid and Lost, Than Never To Have Bid At All

My sincere apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson for butchering his elegant prose... But, after being beat out on a few lots in Goldin Auction's most recent online event, the sentence came to mind...

Much like Tennyson's words, the meaning of my words is quite literal, too - if you never place a bid, you will never win the prize.  I don't do a lot of bidding in these big online auctions, but if I see something that I really want, I'll never hesitate to submit a bid.  Taking a measured approach helps me avoid buyers remorse - and tends to help curb the "what-if" factor that creeps up when a lot sells for less than what I might have offered.

Last week, I was beat out on a couple of great lots: a pair of Connie Mack Stadium clubhouse stools and a Jimmy Rollins Game Used Jersey.  To be honest, I was close on both lots - and of course disappointed that I didn't win either.  But, having set a limit for myself and placing my max bids gave me the satisfaction of knowing it just wasn't meant to be.  

Collecting memorabilia is fun - no need to make it a regrettable experience.  If you want it, set you limit and go for it!