Collectible of the Week: 1950 Philadelphia Inquirer Color Photos

This week's item was a lot of 16, 1950 Philadelphia Inquirer color photos found on eBay.  Part of a total collection of 25 5"x7" player photos, those included in this lot were still in original uncut condition.  The seller noted that all were in good shape, with the exception of Bob Miller's picture which contained a white stain.  Notables included as part of the 16 were Richie Ashburn, Robin Roberts, Curt Simmons, Granny Hamner and Ed Waitkus.  The lot sold for $58.77 with 13 total bids.

Overall, I really like this set and think the buyer got a pretty fair price - though, I'd prefer to have the complete set over the portion offered in the sale.  You don't see these come up for sale that often, and rarely in the original condition. The set is attractive for several reasons, first the limited availability and condition issues for those photos that are found.  60-year old newspaper does not hold up that well...We also find that it is rare to find straight edges and even margins since many of the photos were clipped by young fans during the 1950 season.  Another reason the set is desirable lies in the fact that it features one of the most-loved teams in team history - The Whiz Kids.  Our staff has seen complete sets of all 25 players for $100+... If found singularly, non-starters would fetch $5 each, while the regulars such as Ashburn and Del Ennis may go as high as $10-15 apiece (more if they are signed).  

Below is a complete list of the set:
Richie Ashburn
Jimmy Bloodworth
Ralph Caballero
Milo Candini
Bubba Church
Blix Donnelly
Del Ennis
Mike Goliat
Granny Hamner
Ken Heintzelman
Stan Hollmig
Ken Johnson
Willie Jones
Jim Konstanty
Stan Lopata
Russ Meyer
Bob Miller
Bill Nicholson
Robin Roberts
Andy Seminick
Ken Silvestri
Curt Simmons
Dick Sisler
Eddie Waitkus
Dick Whitman