Collectible of the Week: Lenny Dykstra Sports Impressions 7" Figurine

Established in 1987 and widely considered the pre-eminent producer of porcelain figurines during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Sports Impression figurines are still coveted in the memorabilia today.  There are generally two different sizes of figurines created by Sports Impressions – 5” mini, and a 7” regular - though Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton both represented the Phillies with a 10" version.  

This week we are looking at the rarest of the Phillies player figurines to be created by the company, the 1991 version of Center Fielder, Lenny Dykstra.  Dykstra was coming off his breakout 1990 season, and collectors were taking notice.  Sports Impressions produced a limited number of both the 5" mini (2,950 figures) and the 7" regular (1,990).  Because of financing problems and the growth of competitors in the market, the company did not always produce the full number of figurines that were intended.  While it is not definite, this seems to be the case with the Dykstra figurine, which is rarely seen at shows or online.  Figurines when found on the market range in price from $75-125.