Collectible of the Week: Connie Mack Stadium Final Game Program

On October 1, 1970 the Montreal Expos were in Philadelphia to play the final series at Connie Mack Stadium.  Fans attending the finale received a free booklet detailing the storied history of the stadium, a print of the 1909 Inquirer front page from its first Opening Day and a "I Was There" certificate.  Copies of the complete trio are fairly difficult to find in top condition.  The actual game day program featured a black and white photo of Expos star, Rusty Staub surrounded by the colored logos of the National League teams.

A very popular collectible, regular season programs are a staple of the flea market/yard sale circuit - with those pre-1960's ranking as the most popular and valuable.  As with any paper based collectible, condition is a paramount determinant of value - as are scarcity and cover subject.  Generally speaking, collectors prefer to have an "unscored" program.  This is one of the few exceptions where having a program fully scored may increase the program’s value since there is was no "final edition" printed specifically for the game.  The Staub program was used over the weekend series, and scoring can assure it is from the October 1st game.  Over the past few years I have sold two separate copies of the game day program (in excellent condition) for between $25-30 each.