Phillies TTM: The offseason plan

Without a baseball season to fill the day and nights, the months from November through February can seem to drag (especially the last two).  I enjoy college football and basketball, the Eagles and Flyers and still watch a lot of sports through the winter but there is definitely a void left by baseball's absence.  In recent years I have started a hobby of getting player autographs through the mail to help get me through to  the start of Spring Training.

As a kid I did a little TTMing after getting a prized book of player home addresses from a local bookstore.  I had pretty good success in getting baseball cards signed by some Phillies players from the 1970s and 80s - but soon lost interest and went on to other things in life.  After graduating and getting a job I started to have the means to begin collecting Phillies stuff - especially autographs.  I have really been active in attending card shows over the years picking up autographs here and there - but there was a good 15-year period where I got none through the mail.  Sometime during the winter of 2009-2010 I stumbled onto a website that is essentially the digital version of my old address book.  I was really surprised to see that there were a lot of "quality" former Phillies who were signing for free (or a small fee) through the mail - and it started again.

While I always keep a log running of what I send and receive back (see the Mail Bag tab on our site) - I have decided to detail the daily comings/goings here on the blog and through my Twitter account (shameless plug: Follow me @philscollector).  My hope is that some of you will gain valuable knowledge and further (or start) your own TTM hobby - AND that you will be able to help me take my collecting to the next level!  I look forward to hearing about what other collectors are sending!  Below are a couple TTM projects I am looking to either begin or add to this winter:

Ongoing projects "hit-list" - a couple guys who I would like to sign items I am currently working on:
  • Phillies Manager single-signed balls - Lee Elia, Nick Leyva, Pat Corrales
  • 1980 Team Photo - Dallas Green, Del Unser, Larry Bowa, Herm Starrette, Lee Elia
  • 1960 SI Cover - Art Mahaffey, Clay Dalrymple, Dave Philley, Al Neiger
New projects:
  • 1977 Team Signed Ball
  • 1965 Team Signed Ball
  • Something for 1993 Team
  • More to come.  Stay tuned...