Upcoming Shows/Appearances

Tomorrow will be a busy day for in-person autograph signings.  I have had November 5th marked on my calendar ever since our friends at Poppel.com announced they would be hosting a card show at Oxford Valley Mall back in August.  There is a great mix of guests lined up - many of whom I need for one team-themed item or another.  Some of the guys (Mitch Williams and David West) I saw play countless times growing up - others (Cookie Rojas and Jack Baldschun) I have only ever seen on baseball cards and old photos.  Great thing about all four of these guys is that they are all $22 or less - so, I won't feel (too) guilty  about getting multiple items signed.  I'll be getting my 1993 team ball signed by Williams and West, and have Rojas and Baldschun sign a 1964 team ball and 1964 team photo (check out my progress on the team photo in the Current Projects section).  I was really bummed that Lenny Dykstra chose his celebrity boxing match over his previous commitment to this event - but, I am sure he'll be back around (some day).

Also on tap for Saturday is a pretty big (FREE) signing event with several key members of the current Eagles squad.  Christiana Mall is hosting the Monday Night Football Tour on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday afternoon LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson will be signing!  Sunday's events are headlined by Asante Samuel, Ron Jaworski and Harold Carmichael.  All the details can be found on the mall's website.   I'll definitely be checking in on the happenings Saturday afternoon.  Enjoy!

Update: November 6, 2011

It was a little hectic yesterday.  First, Mitch Williams showed up an hour late.  In looking for an ATM machine at about 10:45 I saw him walking through the mall with several bags from Foot Locker (he was scheduled to sign from 10-11).  The promoters were saying he was just "running late".  More like "running errands"....

Space was at a premium because the show was positioned in a small corner of the mall courtyard.  As a result, several autograph guests were positioned at one table (Williams, West, McCarthy and Seanez).  This meant all customers lined up single file in one queued line regardless of whether or not they were getting one, two or all of these guys to sign.  It was great to meet Cookie Rojas and Jack Baldschun.  As long-time Phillies and members of the infamous 1964 team, they are both legends.

So, in the end, all worked out well - added to my 1993 and 1964 collection items.  Check out some of the photos below:

1964 Phillies Team Photo - added Baldschun and Ro

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