Collectible of the Week: 1983 Phillies 100th Anniversary Roy Rogers Glasses

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1983 was a memorable year to Phillies fans for many reasons.  First, it marked the 100th season of the team's history and featured a season-long celebration.  Second, the Phils fielded four Hall of Famers - Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan (and ineligible Pete Rose).  And, third, the Phillies made a remarkable trip back to the World Series after a torrid September pennant run.  1983 can also be seen as a transition from the old guard where guys like Rose, Ron Reed, Tug McGraw and Larry Christenson gave way to the "next generation"of players, Charles Hudson, Juan Samuel and Von Hayes (among others).  In a lot of ways, it was the perfect season to reflect back on the team's long, rich history - and close out the original "Golden Age" of Phillies baseball.  As we prepare for the 1983 NL Champion Phillies reunion at this weekend's December Philly Show I chose to spotlight one of the best items (if I may impart my opinion) to come out of this celebration - a glass set produced by Roy Rogers fast food restaurants.

As might be expected, much of the the Phillies promotional power that year was thrown behind the celebration of the team's Centennial.  There were several stadium giveaways that highlighted the special players and events of the team's history - Dick Perez postcards, and a couple posters for example.  Almost all memorabilia produced for the season featured the Centennial Season logo.  The Roy Rogers Collector's Glass set includes six 5 1/2" drinking glasses and one 9", heavy glass pitcher.  Each piece of the set features the classic 100th Anniversary logo - the green diamond with historical "P's" marking each of the four corners.  The rim of each drinking glass is marked with gold painting.  Often the glasses are found separately without the pitcher.  Though less often found with all pieces present, the value of this set hasn't increased much over the past 25+ years - it could still be expected to be available between $10-$20.

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