Auction Watch: New Additions

I was browsing eBay over Thanksgiving weekend and picked up a few new items for my collection (I'll post pictures when I receive them):

Citizens Bank Park posters (2) -
The listing said these 11"x17" posters were a 2004 SGA, but I am not sure (unless it was some kind of HOF Club premium).  If you know where they originated, let me know!  Ended up splitting the pair with my brother.  I will probably just put mine away for now, but think there is potential to get this signed someday.  $5.99 winning bid.

1983 NL Pennant Clinching Photo -
I bought this 8"x10" photo with the goal of getting members of the 1983 NL Champions to sign around Schmidt and Holland.  Even though the team featured four Hall of Famers (and the ineligible Pete Rose), they are very good through the mail signers.  I am planning to get a couple of the tougher guys at the Philly Show on 12/3, then send it around to others through next spring/summer.  I really wanted to get an Official 1983 World Series ball - but those prices got ridiculous.  $1.50 winning bid.

2011 Lee/Madson Sports Illustrated -
Ahhh...Brotherly Lovefest!  The bliss of September 2011 feels so long ago.  The Phillies lost during the NLDS and coverboy, Ryan Madson is no longer a member of the team.  Both facts probably explain why I got this magazine so cheaply.  I needed it for the Phillies SI cover collection that stretches back to  the Richie Ashburn edition in 1958. $.99 winning bid.