Auction Watch: Reviewing my Watch List (12/20/11)

Occasionally I share items from my eBay watch list on Twitter.  I like to think some people check them out and maybe a couple followers have actually placed a winning bid for one of them (though, I have no evidence of this actually occurring).  At the least, my tweets (attempt to) highlight unusual/interesting Phillies memorabilia and generally start some conversation.

I will usually add items to my personal Watch List if I either, want to bid on them or want to follow them through to completion and find out what they might be worth.  A lot of times on eBay I come across something I already own. I will watch that auction to see the final bid amount, and add a "comparable" to better assess the value of my own item.  Getting an idea of what it is worth is also important for assessing the prices on memorabilia I see at shows or in future auctions.

Thought I would choose a few of the things I tweeted out for anyone who is interested in the "end-game".  Below are recaps of completed "Watch List" items from last week (12/19/11-12/24/11).

1983 Perez-Steele, Phillies Nostalgia Night Postcard Set (SGA) -
Auction end date: 12/20/2011
Number of bids: 1
Final bid amount: $69.99

Description of the auction lot:  28 postcards (and an accompanying binder) were distributed as SGAs over 14 different games during the 1983 season.  There are two series of 13 cards each.  The first series depicts groups of players from Phillies history, and the second series feature solo player drawings.  The cover card and check list (shown below) rounded out the set.

Comments: I am a big fan of Dick Perez's work, and really like this set.  Since it required someone to attend 14 different games (Friday, home games), I believe it is fairly rare to find a full set intact (with binder).  With that said, I feel like $70 is a little high...but value is based on what someone is willing to pay, so maybe it is!  I am taking note of the final bid amount, but would hope to get it much cheaper elsewhere.

1983 Phillies Nostalgia Postcards

1970 Phillies Yearbook
Auction end date: 12/20/2011
Number of bids: 3
Final bid amount: $12.18

Description of auction lot: Billed as being in "good " condition, the Yearbook was the final to be published at Connie Mack Stadium.  Of course, 1970 was supposed to be the first season of baseball at Veteran's Stadium, but because of construction delays, fans were left to only peek through the fence at the concrete bowl.  The cover literally shows this situation.

Comments: I'm all about the history of things, and I love the thought of the Phillies transitioning from the aging Connie Mack Stadium to ultra-hip, Veterans Stadium.  The story behind the construction delay and the resulting problems it caused the Phillies is great.  This item declaring "It's a New Ballgame" is one of those said problems.  I was again on the outside looking in on this one...but, I think $12 is a decent price for the program.

1970 Phillies Yearbook