Collectible of the Week: 2012 Lehigh Valley SGA Preview

John Mayberry, Jr. Bobblehead giveaway
John Mayberry, Jr.  Bobble Head
June 26th (via Iron Pigs)

With a nod to the New Year, I thought we should start looking forward to the new collectibles we will be acquiring during 2012.  Just as card shows, flea markets/yard sales and eBay are excellent ways to add Phillies memorabilia from our past to your collection, attending SGA games are the best way to pick up a few "new" ones.  This week, the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (Phillies AAA affiliate) announced their preliminary promotional schedule for the 2012 baseball season.  The announcement is the first from any of the Phillies minor league teams.  Thanks to Matthew Froehlich (follow him on Twitter: @DaRock12283) for the heads up!

A few of the highlights of the schedule are:

Bobble Heads
FeRROUS (bobble belly) - April 11th
FeFe - April 12th
Rich Thompson - April 23rd
Vance Worley - May 1st
Jamie Moyer (HS uniform) - May 23rd
John Mayberry, Jr. - June 26th

Bronze Statues
Ryne Sandberg - April 26th
Harry Kalas - May 3rd

Best of the Rest
Winter Cap - April 24th
Vance Worley replica glasses - May 17th (this guy is a phenomenon)
Team Photo and Autograph Session - May 23rd
Iron Pigs bank - July 22nd
Winter Cap giveaway
Winter Cap (via Iron Pigs)
Check out the press release that contains a full schedule of promotional events on the team site: Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

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