Vance Worley Bobble Head Design Decided!
2012 Vance Worley Bobble Head Choices
Unless you have been away from this planet for the past year, you are well aware of the impact Vance Worley has made on both the Phillies starting rotation, and the team's fan base.  Complete with a fresh nickname and hair style (not to mention, one pretty good rookie season), the pitcher's Q-Rating is sky-high in the 215.  No one can deny the splash he made on the field (11-3, 3.01 ERA), but he has also been equally successful in memorabilia market.  Personal appearances were scattered throughout the area last season, and stores stocked Worley t-shirts beside those for Utley, Howard and Halladay by season's end.  (Heck, even my three-year-old son knows him!)  

On the heels of last week's announcement that the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 2012 promotional lineup would include two Worley-themed items, the Citizens Bank Park Majestic Store gave fans an opportunity to choose the uniform the right-hander will wear in his first, official Phillies bobble-head.  The uniform choices were fairly obvious, white home, gray away and home alternate.  Since the "contest" was first released on January 6th, Phillies fans have furiously cast votes via Twitter (tagged: #Worleybobble) to decide which version bobble head would be produced.  A search of the tag shows that voting was actually pretty mild.  In fact, The Vanimal himself could not be prodded to vote (maybe he just couldn't decide).  In the end, the fans have spoken and shelves at CBP will be stocked with the home, red pinstripe version.  If what we have seen so far this calendar year holds, it seems like there will be a whole lot more Vance to go around this season.