My Favorite Cards: Lenny Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra - 1989 Topps Traded
During the early 1990's Lenny Dykstra succeeded Mike Schmidt as my favorite Phillie.  I loved his dirty uniform, the way Dan Baker announced his name over the Vet PA, and most of all the clutch hits (and homers) that lead the Phillies during the great run of 1993. It has been disappointing to see his recent failures over the past years.  With his sentencing to three years in prison yesterday I started thinking about those great cards of his that I grew up collecting.  Here are a few that I'm sure a lot of us remember...

Dr. Dirt and Mr. Clean - '91 Donruss
Dykstra - '91 Upper Deck

Dykstra - '93 Topps Gold