Phillies TTM: Week of 2/27/12

After getting no returns the previous week, the past seven (mail) days were a welcome change as I got three signatures back...

Justin De Fratus (2012 Topps)

Like many of you out there, I have been following this kid the past year or two and was glad to see if finally get some time with the big club in September.  There is a good chance he will be making an impact with the Phillies in the not so distant future.

Justin De Fratus Signed Topps 2012

Roy Sievers (1964 Team Picture)

I have been working on this picture for a while now, and this was actually the second time I have sent it to Mr. Sievers.  The picture is a centerfold in what was a giveaway program for the 1964 team's 25th Anniversary Old-Timers Game (in 1989).  Last spring I sent it to Mr. Sievers with an autograph request, and received it back with the cover signed - instead of his place in the team picture.  Sievers, who played for the Phillies from 1961-1964, is a great TTMer and happily fulfilled the second request.

Roy Sievers on the 1964 Team Picture
Gene Conley (1960 Team Sports Illustrated Cover)

Like the 1964 team picture, I have been working on this cover for a year or so - but, haven't added anyone new for a while.  Last I wrote about it, the magazine had been RTS from Art Mahaffey because of there being no forwarding address to his P.O. Box address.  Gene Conley was one of the main starting pitchers for the 1960 team and had been a target since the beginning.  He charges $5 to sign TTM.

Gene Conley - 1960 SI Cover