Phillies 2012 Promotional Schedule Review: The Winners

Back in January we go our first look at the upcoming 2012 season promotional items (discussed here), and today the Phillies gave us the first look at some of the more anticipated of their SGA's.  With little more than three weeks between us and Opening Day I figured it was time to do the full promo schedule review.  This week I will rank the "best" SGA's with the worst to follow next week...

1.  Hunter Pence Bobble Figurine  - The team has not yet released an image of the figurine, but it hardly matters.  My man's Q-Rating in Philly is through the roof and the game was an early sell-out.  Expect to see these bobbles on eBay for years to come.

2.  Phillie Phanatic Bank - I was on the fence with this one when the first pictures were released a few months ago ("Clever or creepy" was the question posed)...but, I have to admit I like it.  The Phanatic Birthday giveaways are always popular with the collectors (young and old).  My kid is going to love this and I'm sure he won't mind sharing with me.

Phanatic Bank
2012 Phillie Phanatic Bank
3.  Cliff Lee Bobble Figurine - I feel the Phillies are consistently good with the bobble figurines. Seeing this reveal today made me want to close my eyes and skip the calendar to June.

Cliff Lee 2012 Bobble Head
4.  Knit Hat Day - The team has no published the design for this year's hat, but I have really liked those given away in recent years.

5. Wall of Fame Night - The annual reunion of Phillies alumni takes place the first weekend in August.  Great graphing opportunities at CBP throughout the weekend. Truly one of the highlights of my year.

The next best...
  • Cole Hamels Action Figure - Ask me to rank the roster 1-25 as to who would make a good action figure and Hamels may rank last.  Still, this is sure to be an item I will want on my shelf.
  • Jimmy Rollins Cooler Bag - Like the Hamels figurine, adults want what they can't have (both are available to 14 and under)...not having seen the final design I am tentatively putting this in the plus column
  • Jim Thome Print - The Phillies had to do something to make the "On-Deck" more than a required purchase for season ticket holders.  Adding a print of this fan favorite is one way to do that...