Phillies TTM: Week of 3/12/12

Sometimes you send a TTM request with the expectation that it will be returned, other times you put that card in the mail fully expecting to never see it again.  This week an example of both made their way back into my mailbox...

Jim Bunning - 1964 Team Photo

Jim Bunning on 1964 Team Picture
I have been building on this project for the past couple years, and have always looked at that blank spot on Jim Bunning as some kind of failure.  With the number of signatures on the photo up to 21 now, I have become increasingly reluctant to send it out for new ones.  Bunning is just about as solid bet as they come in TTM - and getting this back (probably) closes out my TTM efforts for the picture.

I still need Ed Roebuck and Dave Bennett on the picture to complete the goal of filling out all living players appearing in the photo - but, there are a number of other guys from that season that could be had TTM (Frank Thomas, Bobby Shantz, Don Lock, Costen Shockley to name a few)...

Brad Lidge - 2009 5x7 Player Photo Card

Brad Lidge Signed Player Card
Third time is a charm with Lidge.  I have previously sent requests during Spring Training (2009 and 2011) with no luck.  The Phillies are generally bad TTMers - but, occasionally you see a return from Lidge and that kept hope alive.  I sent this card in January while Brad was still training at the Phillies facilities and he apparently took the fan mail with him across the state after signing with the Nationals.  Solid return.