2012 Phillies Phestival Sale Dates

Phestival logo
2012 Phillies Phestival - July 26th (via Phillies.com)

Phillies Charities recently posted the sale date/time for tickets to the 2012 Phillies Phestival.  This year's Phestival will be held on July 26th, and to be there you'll need to buy your tickets soon after they go on sale at 9 am on June 11th.

Details on player appearances, and photo booths have not yet been announced, but I can guarantee the annual event will be one of the best times of the season to get autographs and memorabilia from the this year's team.  While there is no guarantee you will get any one particular player's autograph with a little luck you will probably end up with several great ones.  There are also a few games like "Mystery Grab Bag" and "Every Roll is a Winner" that often yield some great collectibles.

According to the Phillies Charities website, first event was held in 1984 and has raised more than $12 million for The ALS Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter's patient services and research.  It is definitely a great event for an even greater purpose.  For more information on the Phestival, or Phillies Charities, visit their page: Phillies Phestival.

Several people contacted me on Twitter to ask about price, and general set up of the Phestival.  It has changed a lot over the years as the team has improved, and added higher profile players.  From the best of my recollection, last season the tickets cost $25.

That price got you admission, and two autograph booths.  Each autograph booth usually features 2 (some may have three) members of the team.  In recent years the bigger name players like Howard, Utley, Rollins, Lee and Hamels have all been solo.  You are assigned booths at random and will not know who is at those booths until you arrive at CBP.

Over the years, one of the best parts of the night have been when the booths are opened up to attendees who do not have a ticket (for that particular booth).  For a $10 cash donation you can get a player to sign any item you have brought.  Last season, for example, they opened Cliff Lee's booth to cash buyers and I was able to get him to sign a SS OMLB, '09 World Series team ball and a '09 World Series lithograph - for $10 each.  You may have to work a little, and wait in lines - but, it does pay off.