Collectible of the Week: World Series Press Pins

World Series press pins have been manufactured for each Fall Classic since 1911.  Since then teams have designed and distributed pins to members of the press and club VIPs.  Originally meant to be worn on a jacket lapel, the pins are generally small but attractive.  As you know, the Phillies have been to seven World Series in their history - and a pin exists for each of those events (except 2009...more information on that below).

Key things to have in mind when considering purchasing a World Series pin are authenticity and condition.  Like many other vintage collectibles, reproduction pieces exist in the market.  Before plunking down any serious cash, do your homework and get familiar with the details of the pin you're looking to purchase.  For example, authentic pins will have the maker stamp on the back - find out which company made the pin that year and match it up.  It should be a red flag if the mark is missing, or it is  for a different company.  And, lastly, what is the overall condition of the pin?  Is it complete/intact?  Does it have scratching, or cracking?

Below is a quick reference for the pins distributed by the Phillies for their home World Series games:


Items related to the Phillies 1915 World Series appearance command top dollar when they appear on the secondary market.  The press pin from that season is especially difficult to find in good shape/intact - with a design that features both cloth and an attached charm. 

  • Manufacturer: J.E. Caldwell and Company
  • Pin Type: Pin back
  • Value: $8,000 - 10,000


1950 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Press Pin

The familiar Phillies player leaning on a bat, doffing his cap was the main figure on this press pin.  He is standing on a red oval which reads, "1950 World Series Press."  These are hard to come by - and with the popularity of the Whiz Kids, an expensive collectible!

  • Manufacturer: Martin Sterling
  • Pin Type: Thread Post
  • Value: $300-500


The design features a Veterans Stadium pin with a bronze coin charm. One side of the coin depicts the Liberty Bell surrounded by the words, "Philadelphia Veterans Stadium."  The reverse shows the Phanatic.

  • Manufacturer: Balfour
  • Pin Type: Needle Post
  • Value: $40 - 75


During the Phillies Centennial season, the Wheeze Kids made their way into World Series!  The press pin features the 100th Year logo - with "World Series" in gold written on the white base paths.  The team's script logo runs across the top in red.

  • Manufacturer: Balfour
  • Pin Type: Needle Post
  • Value: $20-30



When compared to previous pins, the 1993 World Series edition is pretty plain.  The base is a gold Liberty Bell with the Phillies script logo across the middle.  Above and below reads, "World Series" in blue.

  • Manufacturer: Balfour
  • Pin Type: Needle Post
  • Value: $40-50



The 2008 pin leverages the Citizens Bank Park silhouette logo as a base.  Across the middle is that season's World Series logo on top of a red banner reading, "Fall Classic."  The Phillies script logo sits on top of the WS logo.

  • Manufacturer: If you know, let me know...
  • Pin Type: Needle Post
  • Value: $15-20


The Phillies did not have press pins created for the 2009 World Series.  In an unusual move, the team purchased stock from the CBP Majestic Store and handed them out to members of the press.  The pins featured the logos from both the Phillies and Yankees - along with the World Series logo.

Note: There are also "phantom" pins for near-miss seasons - 1964, 1976, 1977 and 1981, but I'll save those for another entry...