Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs: 2012 Bobble Heads

Back in the dead of Winter (1/8) I took an early look at the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs promotional schedule and listed some of the "can't miss" days of the summer. Today the team released pictures of two bobble heads I can't wait to add.

Jamie Moyer HS Uniform Bobble Head - May 15th Cool that the Iron Pigs promotional staff decided to celebrate Moyer's hometown roots by honoring him in the Souterton High uniform. There definitely is a first pitch in Jamie's future after he (finally) retires. Mark your calendar for the 2020 season!

Jamie Moyer Bobble Head

Rich Thompson Bobble Head - April 23rd Unique pose will makes this one better than anticipated. Glad to see the team immortalize Rich with a bobble head...they didn't disappoint.

Rich Thompson Bobble Head

Check out the full promotional schedule here.