Hidden Gems: Phillies Game Worn Guide

I am a low-level collector of game used Phillies jerseys.  Over the past 6-7 years I have accumulated 14 contemporary jerseys (2004-2010 seasons) that were once worn by a player on the field.  There has always been a comfort level in buying them directly from the Phillies during the annual Holiday Sale - and I have a good understanding of the tagging differences between game used/game issued/BP, etc based on talking to guys at those events, but struggled to authenticate the "vintage" gear I often see at shows, or in online auctions.  If you are a collector like me, looking to add to an existing collection, or just getting started - do yourself a favor and purchase the Phillies Game Worn Guide.

Here is the stuff you need to know:

Price: $4.99
Format: Instant Download (PDF)

What is included: 51, full color pages with many detailed pictures.  The guide spans all jerseys worn by the Phillies from the 1970-2009 season - including alternate, BP and "special event" uniforms worn for games like "Turn Back the Clock" days.

How to buy: Use this link