Bobble-gate: The Roy Halladay Error? Bobblehead

The internet was buzzing nation-wide today thanks to Philadelphia sports fan, Marc Leif (follow him on Twitter @mleif). Leif tweeted a picture of the 2012 MLB Home Base Plate, Roy Halladay bobble head being sold by (and other outlets such as and set off a frenzy. The bobble head pictured on the product listing shows the right-handed, 2010 Cy Young award winner mid-windup, with a glove on his...right hand.

The oddity garnered both local and national attention, and eventually solicited a response from Major League Baseball.  MLB's official publicity department Twitter feed (@mlb_pr) tweeted the following message late this afternoon:

"Halladay bobble-gate:  Our licensee @weareFoCo says wrong photo was used on site, lefty version was just a sample that never got made."

This could have been the end of the story, but it is instead where the mystery begins.  Since the public response, MLB has pulled the product listing from their online store and reports have surfaced that orders placed earlier today were cancelled without explanation.  Is there a cover-up in action?  I found a listing for the product on (in fact, the pictures in the post were pulled from it) for $22.54.  I couldn't fight the urge to purchase one - call it a $30 curiosity satisfier.