My Favorite Cards: Art Mahaffey

Art Mahaffey was a consistent contributor for the 1960s-era Phillies.  After emerging as a promising rookie during the 1960 season, he seemingly peaked over the next two seasons when he struck out (a Phillies record) 17 on April 23, 1961 and won 19 games in 1962.  And, he will always be remembered as a member of the star-crossed 1964 Phillies.  There are few guys I have met over the years that have been nicer than Mr. Mahaffey.  Below are a few favorite "cards" of his from my collection:

1960 Topps - #138

Comments - I am a big fan of the 1960 Topps cards, and the "Rookie Star" subset in particular.  Art Mahaffey is one of two Phillies featured in the subset (Frank "Pancho" Herrera is the other).  Great artwork make a great card...

Art Mahaffey - 1960 Topps

1983 Perez-Steele, Phillies Greatest Moments

Comments - This card is from the awesome 1983 SGA, "Great Phillies Moments" postcard series.  Again, one of my favorite sets...really wish the Phillies would continue the set, having Perez (or other artist) fill in the post-1983 years.

Art Mahaffey -
1983 Perez-Steele

1964 Topps - #104

Comments: The 1964 team set was one of the first pre-1975 sets I put together.  I am a collector of that ill-fated season and team and in many ways this (and the 1965) team set was my introduction to a lot of the players.  I remember picking this up at a local flea market with the Don Lock card.  If only I could go back and warn 1963 Art Mahaffey of Chico Ruiz...

Art Mahaffey - 1964 Topps