Phillies TTM: Week of 5/21/12

Taylor Phillips on
1960 Sports Illustrated cover

Former Phillies pitcher, Taylor Phillips responded to my autograph request this past week.  That success marks the thirteenth autograph to-date on the 1960 Sports Illustrated cover.  Taylor pitched in 10 games during the 1960 season, posting a 1-3 won/loss record.  I always enjoy when the players write a response to my request.  Mr. Taylor wrote a short note letting me know how much he liked the cover, and how the names on it brought back a lot of great memories from his time with the Phillies.

I really need to get Art Mahaffey on this piece...I sent it out last fall to the normally reliable "PO Box" address, but it got returned "unable to forward".  If anyone has a current address for Mr. Mahaffey with a success over the past 2-3 months, please let me know...

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Jamie Moyer (@BryanPhillies35)

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