Phillies Phestival 2012: Update

A couple weeks ago I posted the sale date for the 2012 Phillies Phestival, and this week details were finally announced.  The Phillies posted all admission packages on their site earlier today, and confirmed sales will be by phone-only.

The team took considerable heat from the media last summer because of profits reaped on the online secondary market by industrious fans(?).  Admission tickets fetched two, to three times the face value and opened the debate of whether it is ethical to profit from a charitable event.  It seems like this new, phone-only sales approach may be aimed at eliminating the "dealers".

I am really disappointed in this direction.  As a full-time working man, I will be at the office on Monday morning when phone sales are initiated.  Online sales provided someone like me an opportunity to discreetly purchase tickets - this new policy is convenient only for those who are not teachers, office workers or labors (i.e. - memorabilia dealers).  I would encourage the Phillies to take a hardline on stopping those people who openly scalp tickets on Ashburn Alley during the event instead of punishing  the fans who would like a night out to allow their kids a chance to see and collect autographs from their favorite players.

(Stepping off soapbox) I like most of you will TRY to bust through the busy signals next Monday.  If you succeed, here are your purchasing options:

2012 Phillies Phestival Admission Packages*:

Admission Package $25
Admission Only Ticket (autographs not included) $15
Children's Admission Ticket (ages 3-10, no autographs) $5
Hunter Pence Photo Booth* (4-6 p.m.) $45
Vance Worley Photo Booth* (4-6 p.m.) $45
Shane Victorino Photo Booth* (4-6 p.m.) $45
Mike Schmidt and Greg Luzinski Photo Booth* (4-6 p.m.) $50
Auction Only Ticket (no autographs) $20
Live Auction Ticket (no autographs; begins at 6:15 p.m.) $10
* All Photo Booths are subject to change without notice.

Admission Details*
$25 per person (non-refundable) admission includes:
  • one admission ticket
  • two pre-selected autograph booth tickets (non-exchangeable)
Additional Information*
  • Games - Fun for all ages including Wheel of Chance, Games of Baseball, the Phanatic Phun Zone, Every Roll's a Winner, Grab Bags with a variety of memorabilia
  • Event starts at 4 p.m., with fans entering through the Left Field Gate
  • Parking is available in Lots R, S and V
  • The Phestival takes place rain or shine!
*All details from

Visit the Phillies Community link for more details.