Phillies TTM: Week of 6/4/12

Last week was a shut out (hate those weeks).  Luckily, this week had a few returns, including a couple that added on to nearly forgot projects...

1977 Team Ball - Barry Foote

I have not added to this ball since getting Richie Hebner back in December.  I saw a couple recent successes from Mr. Foote and decided to put this project back in circulation.  He was a member of both the 1977 and 1978 NL Eastern Division Championship teams.  The signature is number four on the ball.  Have it loaded up to send to Larry Bowa on Monday.

Barry Foote - 1977 Phillies Team Ball

Pat Combs, 1991 Team Issue Player Postcard

Pat Combs was one of a several players the Phillies billed as "the next" during my childhood.  As a can't-miss prospect, he was a key member of the 1988 U.S. Olympic Team and zipped through the entire minor league system, reaching the Major Leagues in 1989 - posting a 4-0 record that fall.  I had an encounter with him down the right-field line at Veterans Stadium that season, when he signed a baseball for me.  That ball was a prized possession (and I still have it).  Unfortunately, the magic faded and he was out of the league by 1992.  With the bad times far behind us, sending the card to Mr. Combs reminded me of his meteoric rise during 1989.  Have to admit it made me smile getting it back.

Pat Combs - Signed Postcard

Mickey Morandini, 1994 Team Issue Player Postcard

I have made an admittedly, half-hearted attempt at getting the 1994 Team Issue set signed.  Over the past 3-4 years I have gotten a few of the easy TTM guys - and started supplementing with the cards from other years that I liked better.  I recently pulled that '94 set back out, and this is the first of a new commitment toward getting all the cards signed. Only time will tell...

Mickey Morandini - Signed Postcard