Poll #2: Who do you want to 'Graph?

Last week I posted a poll asking the question, "What current Phillies player's autograph do you want most?"  The question was open for 10 days, and 29 total votes were cast:

Final Poll Results: What current Phillies player's autograph do you want the most?
Roy Halladay          58%  (17 votes)
Hunter Pence           10%  (3 votes)
Ryan Howard            6%  (2 votes)
Cliff Lee                   17%  (5 votes)
Shane Victorino        3%   (1 votes)
Jonathan Papelbon    3% (1 votes)

  • Roy Halladay's near non-existent signing habits since coming to town make him a top target.  He is my top guy, and am glad to see it appears he will be in a signing booth during this summer's Phillies Phestival.  
  • Cliff Lee is a similar case.  He has not done many appearances in the area, and as a key member of the 2009 World Series team, there are several "team" items that he HAS to be part of...

  • Hunter Pence's low total.  It was not long ago people were fighting for the chance to hand over $90 for him to sign a baseball.  Something tells me the market is still there for Hunter, even if his star has been a little dimmer during this early part of the season.
  • Jonathan Papelbon.  He seems like a forgotten member of this year's team.  He came to town with this reputation as a character, but, so far he hasn't connected with me (or the general fan base it seems).  But, let's face it - this guy is a star.  I definitely expected him to have more than one vote.  
After posting this question, I thought it might have been more interesting to add in a "newer" guy like Freddy Galvis.  I think there is a part of the fan base who might have chosen him over the bigger names I did include.  Maybe for a later poll...