Auction Watch: Huggins and Scott Aug. Online Auction

Huggins and Scott posted the lots for their August online auction.  Below are a few highlights from the list of Phillies-themed items up for bid:

Kevin Millwood No-Hitter Game Used Ball (Autographed) #472

Auction Description:  This OML Selig baseball was used during that performance and subsequently autographed by it "No-No" author.  The sphere features a Veterans Stadium "final season" logo and shows game use in the form of light dirt.

Opening Bid: $100 (bidding starts 7/30/12)

Link to listing: Millwood signed no-hitter ball

Comments:  Personal connection with items in my collection is really important.  As one of the crowd on that Sunday afternoon I have several items commemorating Millwood's no-hitter and this would be a good piece to add.  $100 seems a little steep for a starting bid though.

Total # of bids - 3
Final bid amount - $130
Comments - I thought starting at $100 was high and definitely would not have gone $130 - but, it is a nice piece if you have a no-hitter collection.

Kevin Millwood GU No-Hitter Ball

Figurine/Bobble Head Lot #1040

Auction Description: The "City of Brotherly Love" is the basis for this group of (5) Philadelphia Phillies figurines featuring (2) signed Ashburn pieces and (3) bobbing head dolls.

Opening Bid: $150 (bidding starts 7/30/12)

Link to listing: Lot of figurines

Comments: Though I have many in my collection, I'm not a huge bobble-head guy.  The two with round, green bases are from '62-'64.  Two versions of players were created during this time, one with the crooked cap, another with the flat cap - this lot has one of each.  The third was from the last production run of original Japanese bobbles, circa '65-'72.

My real interest is in the white uniform variant of the Richie Ashburn signed Prosport Creations figurine.  I have never seen this before - if you know anything about it, let me know!

Total # of bids - 8
Final bid amount - $250
Comments - I knew this would be a big hitter!  Still trying to find out something about the white uniform Ashburn figurine.  Great lot.

Ashburn Figurines/60's bobble heads