My Favorite Cards: Mickey Morandini

During the core years of my youth, few Phillies were as big a constant on the team's roster as Mickey Morandini.  He will always be remembered as a member of the great 1993 National League Championship team, his unassisted triple play and Harry's great pronunciation - Mick-ey Mor-an-dini.  Below are some good cards from a pretty good name from Phillies history:

1991 Donruss, # 44

Comments: There is one rule in my book.  If a guy has a Rated Rookie card - it is his best card ever.  Bonus points for mullet and old school logo.
Mickey Morandini
1991 Donruss (Rated Rookie)

1993 Topps, #262

Comments: 1993 was the last full set I collected from packs.  Overall, I like most of the cards in the Phillies team set from this season.  Things I have always liked about this card in particular are the 1948 "turn back the clock" uniform and Vet background.
Mickey Morandini
1993 Topps

1991 Score, #376

Comments: This is a great example of the card images that seem to dominate Morandini's pro-card catalogue.  Is this a fantastic catch of a liner or a saved errant throw by Darren Daulton?  The world may never know...
Mickey Morandini
1991 Score

1993 Upper Deck, #285

Comments: Awesome back/front sequence that shows off the intense side of Morandini's on-field play.
Mickey Morandini
1993 Upper Deck (back)
Mickey Morandini
1993 Upper Deck (front)