Poll #3: Phillies Phestival Booths Review

Approximately a month ago I posted a question asking readers to enter the Phillies Phestival booth numbers that had been assigned to them.  I went in with the understanding that the poll would have no statistical relevance considering our sample size would be a small fraction out of ~ 7,000 tickets sold.  Still I hoped we would get enough responses that tracking might give some insight into the overall ticket distribution and answer the question - "Are premier players distributed significantly less than reserves/relievers?"

Total number of submissions (multiple booths were tracked within one submission): 58

  • For example: I had tickets to six booths.  I entered all six and it counted as one submission.
Booths rank ordered by least number of tickets available were:

Booth Player/Coach % of Distribution
17 Lee 18%
7 Utley 20%
1 Ruiz 24%
3 Manuel 24%
4 Polanco/Valdes 25%
16 LA/Sarge 31%
19 Halladay 32%
14 Blanton 34%
18 Rollins 36%
20 Hamels 36%
21 Wigginton/Gross 36%
8 Pierre/Mackanin 37%
11 Howard 37%
13 Papelbon 39%
6 Fontenot/Billmeyer 41%
10 Mayberry/Nix 43%
12 Kratz/Samuel 43%
15 Kendrick/Perlozzo 44%
2 Savery/Diekman 46%
9 Bastardo/Horst 48%
5 Schwimmer/Dubee 51%


So, what does this tell us?  Again, understanding there is little/no statistical relevance to the percentages reported above, and only based on the information put before me by the readers of this site, I can easily conclude: the Phillies distribute fewer tickets for "premier" players.  Below are a few keys highlights:

  • Of the top 10 "least distributed" booths - nine were for single-players, and the only one with two guys appearing was Booth # 16 for Larry Andersen and Gary Matthews - two popular, former World Series players.  
  • The top 5 "most distributed" booths included three coaches and five rookies.  
    • All was not lost with these booths for anyone needing Kyle Kendrick, Antonio Bastardo or Rich Dubee on either a 2008 or 2009 item (note: Bastardo for '09 only).
  • Based on both their position in the overall rankings, and physical location in the Hall of Fame section, I believe Booth # 21 (Ty Wigginton and Greg Gross) was meant for Jim Thome.  Many of us hoped to have him here for the event - and if you had a ticket for this booth, you may be a little more bitter after seeing this...
I don't think these findings are going to be a complete shock to anyone, but are interesting nonetheless.