Hunter Pence Bobble Head Night: It's Still On...

Hunter Pence SGA Bobble Head

The most notable piece of news to come out during the aftermath of Hunter Pence's trade to the Giants is that the Phillies will still honor the former right-fielder later this month (8/21).  The night was supposed to be one of the premier dates on the team's promotional schedule, selling out before the season began.  They most likely already have the figurines in production, and would probably cause more negative fan reaction by canceling the promo than if they just move forward as planned.  

While unusual, this is not the first time a team has kept their promotional schedule intact after a major trade.  In probably the most famous example, the Cleveland Indians still held Victor Martinez Bobble Head Night in 2009, days after the catcher was dealt to the Boston Red Sox. I am not sure what the atmosphere was that night in Cleveland, but doubt it will be overly festive for those in South Philly on the 21st.

Update (8/21):
The Phillies ended up handing out three different items at the game tonight: The Hunter Pence Bobble Head, a postcard with message from Pence to the fans and a surprise, Carlos Ruiz Fathead.  Not sure why they decided to hand out the Ruiz Fathead - wonder if there was some internal call for an alternate promotion that was discarded in the end.  Maybe a cheap alternative to satisfy anyone who was upset Pence isn't still with the team...

Giveaways from Hunter Pence Bobble Head Night