My Collecting Story: Phillies Phestival Wrap-up

The 2012 Phillies Phestival was held on Thursday, July 26th - which means I am a little more than a week behind in publishing this post.  I really enjoyed this season's event - but, for some different reasons than I would have listed in previous years.  Of course, I got some great autographs from my favorite current Phillies, but this was the first season I took my (almost four year old) son to join in the fun.  The combination of these two factors resulted in a truly satisfying night.

The Autographs:

  • I started with tickets for six autograph booths: Nix/Mayberry, Fontenot/Billmeyer, Pierre/Mackanin, Kendrick/Perlozzo, Roy Halladay and Jimmy Rollins.  Based on some of the draws I saw reported on Twitter after the event, my booths were middle of the road, at best.  I was extremely happy to pull the Halladay and Rollins booths - so, I won't complain.
    • Halladay signed an OMLB and a cover of Sports Illustrated from the 2010 season.
    • Rollins signed my 2008 Phillies team baseball and 2009 World Series Lithograph
    • Everyone else, except Pete Mackanin, signed a 2012 team baseball.  Mackanin signed the 1979 team ball I have been working on.
  • Purchased the Larry Andersen/Gary Matthews booth for $10
    • They signed both the 1983 Phillies team baseball and team photo project.

Roy Halladay SS OMLB

Roy Halladay signed
Sports Illustrated

2008 Phillies Team Signed Ball
w. Rollins added

1983 Team Picture Project

1979 Phillies Team Ball
w. new Pete Mackanin
Grab Bags:

Leading up to the Phestival, a lot of people asked me if the grab bags were worth $20.  In general, I have never had great success with them - getting a couple nondescript signed balls, a bobble head here and there and programs/yearbooks.  This season I let my son pick two bags since I figured all that stuff would be right up his alley and wasn't disappointed in the results.  He ended up getting an autographed Mitch Williams ball, and the 2012 Charlie Manuel group leader bobble head - both of which immediately made their way up to his dresser.  Note: My brother got a Halladay signed hat.

2012 Charlie Manuel
Group Leader Bobble Head

Overall, a fun night capped off by a 15-minute session at the Phanatic play area...