My Favorite Cards: Curt Simmons

It's no secret I am a collector of the 1950 Whiz Kids.  Though I was born almost 30 years after the magical season, I have been raised on stories of their run to the World Series.  As a kid my dad took me to card shows to meet some of the guys from the team and I have always had an affinity for them.  Curt Simmons was a key contributor for the Phillies throughout the 1950's, and has cards in many legendary sets from that era.  Here are a few that I treasure in my collection:

1959 Topps #382

Comments: My dad bought me many of the cards he remembered having as a kid - specifically those from the 1959 Topps set.  Richie Ashburn from that set was my first '59 Phillie and remains my favorite card of his.  This Curt Simmons was bought at the same time and provides a lot of good memories.

1956 Topps #290

Comments: I've always had an affinity for horizontal cards.  The mix of action and headshot along with the classic "painted" effect make this a must have card.

1952 Topps #203

Comments: As with the '56 Topps card, the artistic nature of this card make it stand out.  Granted, the entire set is awesome - but something about the way the "P" on Curt's hat, and his uniform (which does not necessarily match the actual one worn at the time) always gets me looking at this one.  Also like the nickname - "Fightin' Phillies" on the card front.

1955 Red Man #24

Comments: Growing up I always thought of this as an "expensive" card.  Luckily the internet has knocked down a lot of the walls that limited the span of my search for reasonable vintage card prices.  Once of the more recent additions to my collection, it's also one of my favorites.