Phillies Alumni Weeked 2012

Mike Lieberthal
Wall of Fame Induction Print
Back in the Spring I posted the Phillies' best promotions of the 2012 season - and right at the top is Alumni Weekend.  I have been coming to the alumni events since I was a kid.  At the Vet in the 80's and 90's the Phillies hosted Old Timer's Games and reunions of key teams like the 1950 Whiz Kids, 1980 World Champions or the star-crossed 1964 squad.  Those games were a lot of fun because it put the guys who I had only previously seen on my dad's baseball cards into 3-D.  Going to them introduced me to a whole new era of Phillies baseball.

Since moving to Citizens Bank Park the Phillies have strayed away from the Old Timers Game.  For a few years they had a batting challenge, but for the most part Alumni Weekend has consisted of two big events - Wall of Fame Night and Alumni Night.  The team generally does a good job of organizing events for the fans to meet some of their favorite alums.  In the past I have "met" guys like Mitch Williams and Ricky Jordan at the gates, and been able to get signatures from Tony Taylor and this year's WOF inductee, Mike Lieberthal at the Majestic Store.  Of course, there is always the BBQ street festival which features booths from two members of the 1980 team - Garry Maddox and Greg Luzinski and you can easily get either one of these two to sign your memorabilia there.

As I write, I am getting prepared for this year's Alumni Night - packing my book bag with a full supply of team balls, pictures and programs.  Historically, this has been a night where I can really add to my team projects.  For example, last year I was lucky enough to have Tony Taylor, Bobby Wine and Rick Wise sign my 1964 team ball.  I am not bringing that ball this year, instead I will be focused on a few other projects:

  • Pat Burrell on the 2008 Team Ball - This is my top priority.  IT WILL HAPPEN!
  • John Kruk on the 1993 Team Poster - Kruk will definitely sign; just hate carrying the poster around.
  • 1983 and 1976 Team Balls - the list of alums include several of the players from these two great teams.  A big get would be Carlton on either and McCarver on the '76 ball.
  • 1980 team picture - this is the miniature version of the poster that was handed out for the 10 year reunion.  Still need a couple big guys - targeting Larry Bowa, anyone else is gravy.
Anyway, if you're going - good luck!  I'll keep everyone posted on Twitter tonight, and write a wrap-up for the blog next week.