Phillies Retro Night - 1991 Promo Schedule

The Phillies turned back the clock to 1991 Wednesday night with retro uniforms and (continued) lackluster play in the field.  Though that season did not result in a postseason appearance, there were several memorable events: Randy Ready's Triple Play, Tommy Greene's No-Hitter and the incredible 13-game win streak late in the season.  If not for Dykstra's late night car accident and later, his injury in Cincinnati, the team may have ended up above .500.

Anyway, enough of "what ifs"...Thought it would be interesting to take a look back at some of the promotions the team held during the 1991 season.  I couldn't remember any particular SGA from the season except the "Dr. Dirt and Mr. Clean" poster that was handed out on Opening Night so I pulled out the 1991 Yearbook to take a look.  Here is what I found:

1991 Phillies Promotional Schedule
The list jogged my memory a little as I realized some of the "no so high-end" pieces of my collection originated in 1991 (I'm looking at you Wallet Watch).  Not an overall great promotional lineup by any means - but, pretty standard for the day.  Some of the events - like Camera Night, Kid's Opening Day and Phanatic's Birthday are still present on the 2012 calendar.  I am not sure what the "Donruss Cardbook" was - but, if you know (or have a picture) let me know.