Collectible of the Week: Roy Halladay Print

Roy Halladay - Dick Perez Print

In recent years the Phillies have rewarded full plan, season ticket holders with a limited edition Dick Perez print for paying their ticket fees early.  Because the prints are produced in extremely limited quantities with top quality paper stock and signed/numbered by Perez in pencil - they can demand high prices on the secondary market.  One of the most popular in the series is this week's feature, the 2011 Roy Halladay no-hitter print.

Since being distributed I have seen these prints show up on various online auction sites ranging from $75 to $150 in price.  While it looks nice in the online photos, I was blown away when I saw a few in-person at this season's Phillies Phestival.  I was impressed (and jealous).  Needless to say, if you have the wall space and means to spend somewhere around $100 - this print is worth the money!

Vital Stats:

Subject - Roy Halladay, 2010 NLDS no-hitter
Artist - Dick Perez
Measurement: 18"x 24"
Year Distributed - 2011 (reward for paying 2011 season tickets in-full early)
# Distributed - 1,250

Note: Image from active eBay auction - Link to auction

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