Phillies Oddballs: 1952 Berk Ross Cards

Berk Ross was a startup sports card set in 1951, setting out to challenge market leaders, Bowman and Topps.  The '51 offering featured two cards on a single panel with athletes from various professional sports.  For the second (and final) 72-card issue, Berk Ross only included baseball players on slightly larger (2"x3"), single cards.  There are three Phillies in the 1952 set: Richie Ashburn, Del Ennis and Robin Roberts.

The overall card design is fairly plain, mimicking Bowman's clean layout.  Card fronts feature retouched photos with muted colors and white borders - no name, team or position.  Backs carry the title, "Hit Parade of Champions" and include player measurements and a single line of statistics from the 1951 season.  If you are looking at the cards posted on this page and thinking - "These look familiar" - you are probably right.  The Ashburn and Ennis photos are used in both the 1951 and 1952 sets (just feature different coloring and slightly different cropping).  The Robin Roberts card uses the picture from Robbie's 1951 Bowman card.

Phillies Team Checklist:

  • Richie Ashburn
  • Del Ennis
  • Robin Roberts

Full 72-card set Checklist (via Dean's Cards)