Phillies TTM: Week of 9/17/12

Last week was a great return to the world of TTM.  Because there were a couple signings over the past month, I have not been sending a lot out.  My last full "Phillies TTM" post was a month ago - and since then successes have been sparse.  With three new returns, I figured it was time for an update...

1965 Team Ball - Jack Baldschun

I started this ball last November as one of my "off season" projects.  Baldschun is a reliably streaky TTM signer.  He has a great success rate, but is prone to long wait times.  I sent the ball out on March 17th after seeing a few quick returns on Sports Collector's Net - yadda, yadda, yadda, six-months later it came back.  I can't wait to get it back into the mail over the next week or two...

1965 Phillies Team Ball
Jack Baldschun

1977 Team Ball - Ted Sizemore

Another off-season project that I have not worked on lately.  I noticed 2B Ted Sizemore has been signing TTM recently and jumped on the opportunity.  He signed the side panel under Jim Lonborg and added a ROY inscription.  

1977 Phillies Team Ball
Ted Sizemore

1950's Era Project

I have quietly collected the living Whiz Kids (all except Stan Lopata) on the Connie Mack Stadium 8x10 that serves as my '50s-era project.  This week I received the photo back from Jack Mayo, a back-up outfielder that season.  I plan on getting it out to Lopata this week and go from there...

1950s Phillies Project -
Jack Mayo

I have been posting some one-off TTM successes in the Phillies Collectors Forum under "TTM Successes".  Make sure to check it out for updates.  Looking forward to see some of the things you guys are getting back, too.

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