Collectible of the Week: 1990 Topps Coins

1990 Topps Coins
Tom Herr

A lot of times I end up featuring higher-end items as the "Collectible of the Week", but there are many fun, low cost pieces of Phillies memorabilia out there, too.  The 1990 Topps Coins set marked the fourth year (1987-1990) for this "throwback" product.  The coins in this year's edition were designed with a nod to the sets issued during the 1960s and featured three subsets distinguished by their pink, gold and silver colored rims.  Among the 60 players featured were Hall of Famers like Nolan Ryan, Robin Yount and Ryne Sandberg, stars of the day such as Dale Murphy and of course, two Phillies, Von Hayes and Tom Herr.

1990 Topps Coins
Von Hayes

I like both Phillies coins in the set, in fact, the inclusion of Herr is the main reason I decided to talk about it.  Though he only played a season and a half in Philadelphia he stands out in my mind when I think back to Phillies baseball during this period.  Herr was a local guy coming home, and a slick switch-hitter that added credibility to the lineup.  Because of his relatively short stay in town there are very few pieces of Phillies-themed, Tom Herr memorabilia - but, his cards in maroon pinstripes are classics (not a loser in the lot).

The bottom line on these coins is that they offer a bit of nostalgia at a low price.  Because of their shape and size, they are not easily mixed in with your cards from 1990 (maybe part of the reason they only lasted four years).  Both the Herr and Hayes coins, or the entire set could be bought online for a few dollars...

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